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How would a 25% revenue increase change your business?

Your company isn't at the level of success you want.

LaDawn Townsend, CEO & Chief Revenue Growth Strategist

You've worked with consultants to only be left with a binder of theories.

The VOS Group is a strategic advisory firm that has over twenty years delivering proven methods for small, mid-market and large enterprises that focuses on increasing revenue not only in the short term but with a long term plan.

“LaDawn has the ability to identify the core problems that negatively impacted our organization. The projects not only led to improved operational performance, but also improved customer experience”  Tom Helock, SVP Fortune 100 Bank

Our Specialities

Revenue Growth Strategies During a Down Market

Revenue Growth System

Strategy, implementation & support to grow the bottom line. What do you do when revenue targets are missed due to circumstances within our outside of your control?

When experts would say to layoff employees and retract activities we would propose another option. The Revenue Growth Strategy is a hands on service that our team of strategic experts will identify areas to grow revenue, implement and measure plan to transform the business.

Technology Security Solutions

In 2020 the landscape changed for companies and the demand for heightened security and data protection has increased as most employers implemented remote work teams to sustain operations during the crisis are now finding themselves facing employees requesting to work from home and government agencies encouraging the move for safety.
Companies require more transparency and tighter restrictions to ensure customer and company data. Through our VOS partners, we provide the latest technology solutions to safeguard your data.

Market Expansion

Looking to grow your business within the local community and expand into new markets? Let our global team of specialists create a strategy to expand the business. We take a holistic strategic approach when working with a company to expand within their local or into a new regional market.

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